The Graziers Daughter: A little about me…

Hello! I’m Wendy, I’m the Graziers Daughter. I have a small online business where I provide gourmet quality hampers made from local produce from Toowoomba and the Darling Downs.

I was working full time and looking for an alternative to my job, something which would provide another outlet for me and also to assist other small local businesses along the way, something which would allow me to connect with people. I am a big believer and supporter of buying local and saw this as a way for me one to support local businesse, as well as get my own business up and going.

I use many local and regional businesses products. The business’s I use within the Highfields are Anzac Biscuits from GF Oats, Chocolates from the Chocolate Cottage, Soaps and Bath Soaks from Von-Katz Soaps. From within Toowoomba I utilise many products including Prudence’s Pantry Jams and Pastes, Great Dane Fudge and marinated figs from Deli Delicious, Fudge from Old Style Russian Fudge & Coconut Ice. I source the most beautiful Honey from Terrene Honey, and I source products from Goondiwindi, Stanthorpe, Brisbane and Bundaberg and the Scenic Rim. Alot of these micro businesses are run from home and I believe I am providing a platform to showcase their products on an alternative platform.

I deliver a unique experience in that I offer either pre made hampers or I can build a hamper specific to my clients needs and themes. I have the usual celebratory themes of Christmas, Birthdays, Easter and Thank you. I can create hampers to suit the client, and am open to talking it through. I customise it to what type of person they’re buying it for, and then building the hamper to suit. So if they’re savoury, if they’re sweet, I like to think I work with my customers to build a unique and personalised gift they are proud and happy to give.

I would say it is probably a 50/50 mix of commercial and private clients. When I commenced in 2020 it was mainly retail/ personal hampers as thank yous and birthdays, however I have been able to break into the corporate sector, including builders and real estates agents, which has increased my turnover. This is the side of the business I would like to increase, mainly around the corporate gifting for the larger businesses within Toowoomba as I believe this will lead to greater exposure of my hampers. I am noticing I am receiving repeat buisness now from obviously satisfied customers which is great. I believe there is no greater compliment for a buisness than repeat business or a referral from a satisfied customer/s. I am hoping this Christmas to build on my corporate orders from last year, not only repeat orders but some new ones from the leads I have been able to follow up during the year.

I pop a business card in each hamper I create which I hope will lead to follow on buisness. Also I have been attending some boutique markets which hopefully will also lead to some follow on buisness.

I did quite a few corporate ones for Christmas last year. The main regular corporate ones at the moment are local builders and real estates. I’m looking at getting trying to go around more corporates such as the larger builders within Toowoomba and also the larger real estates plus engineering companies and lawyers.

Why would you buy a Graziers Daughter Hamper? Because mine are the best 🙂