Welcome To Toowoomba


The Welcome to Toowoomba Hamper features gourmet biscuits, marinated figs, seasoning, honey, and nougat, it’s a perfect introduction to the region’s culinary delights.

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The Welcome To Toowoomba Hamper is a thoughtfully curated collection that brings together the best of Toowoomba’s gourmet offerings. This premium hamper includes:

  • Mother Megs Biscuits – Tom & Parmesan OR Macadamia Nut Fudge (120g): Enjoy the delectable taste of these artisanal biscuits, available in two delicious varieties.
  • Deli Delicious Marinated Figs (220g): Savour the rich, sweet flavour of marinated figs, a perfect addition to any cheese platter.
  • Smokehaus Seasoning – Garlic and Pepper (85g): Enhance your cooking with this flavourful seasoning, combining the robust taste of garlic and pepper.
  • Coolibah Honey (90g): Indulge in the natural sweetness of this locally sourced honey, perfect for drizzling over desserts or adding to tea.
  • Just A Lil More Pistachio & Cranberry Nougat: Treat yourself to the delightful combination of pistachios and cranberries in this creamy nougat.

Perfect for food lovers or as a thoughtful gift, the Welcome To Toowoomba Hamper offers a delicious journey through the region’s finest flavours.


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