Von-Katz Soaps ~ Toowoomba Violet


Experience the floral elegance of Toowoomba’s history with Von-Katz Soaps – Toowoomba Violet. This soap pays homage to the city’s floral emblem, known for its sweet aroma and rich symbolism in the community. Infused with the essence of violets, it’s a tribute to the city’s past and a delightful addition to your daily routine.

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Toowoomba Violet Soap

The violet has held a special place in Toowoomba’s history for many years. In January 1932 it was declared Toowoomba’s floral emblem at a meeting of Council as an acknowledgement of its role in the community.

Bunches of sweet violets were sold by mothers and families of World War I soldiers who did not return home, to build a large memorial. The bunches each held 50 blooms and three leaves, tied with cotton and were sold for three-pence to ladies at fundraising events and the races. It was fashionable to wear a posy of violets on their capes.

Violets also feature alongside local wattle on the Toowoomba Coat of Arms that was adopted in 1960.


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