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The G & T hamper brings together the finest Pechey Homestead Gin, gourmet snacks, and delightful accompaniments. Enjoy premium roasted macadamias, strawberry stucco sauce, citrus blend dried fruits, Australian biltong, and marinated Bush Barbie olives for a sophisticated treat.



Indulge in a luxurious experience with the G & T hamper, perfect for gin enthusiasts and food lovers alike. This elegant hamper features:

  • Pechey Homestead Gin (700ml): Savour the refined and aromatic flavours of this premium gin, crafted with care and precision.
  • Australian Macadamias Roast Salted (110g): Enjoy the rich, buttery taste of perfectly roasted and salted macadamias, a classic Australian snack.
  • Lily’s Strawberry Stucco Sauce (250ml): Add a touch of sweetness to your desserts or cocktails with this luscious strawberry sauce.
  • JAG Citrus Blend Dried Fruits (60g): Relish the tangy and refreshing blend of dried citrus fruits, perfect for snacking or garnishing your drinks.
  • Jim’s Jerky – Grazers Australian Biltong (65g): Delight in the tender, flavourful biltong, made from high-quality Australian beef.
  • Coolbardie Marinated Bush Barbie Olives (240g): Experience the unique taste of olives marinated with authentic Australian flavours, cold smoked over ironbark.

The G & T hamper is a perfect gift or personal treat, combining the best of fine spirits and gourmet delights for a truly memorable experience.



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