Graziers Daughter Welcomes Winter & A Builders Hamper Range

The Graziers Daughter Gourmet Hampers recaps the last few months, visiting markets, making deliveries, welcoming winter and a new range of gourmet hampers for builders called the Builders Hamper.

Greetings and Welcome to Winter!  

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter (yes it’s been that long since we connected) and you were able to catch up with family and friends over the Easter break.  

So, what has been happening with The Graziers Daughter you ask?

Hampton Festival

As I mentioned in my last BLOG I am involved with the Hampton Festival this year and unfortunately we had to reschedule due to all the rain we had been experiencing at the time – a difficult decision was made to postpone the event until Sunday 26 June 2022 as it is paramount that we execute a safe and enjoyable event for everyone.  So, if you are looking for a great day out then head out to Hampton, 30mins drive north of Toowoomba to soak up the atmosphere of the High Country and experience the amazing food and wine we have in this region.

Delivery Buddy

If you are following The Graziers Daughter on facebook you may have seen some recent posts up around my little “delivery buddy” – Jayda.  Jayda is our 10yr old Staffie who loves to come on deliveries with me to keep me company, but I think the main reason may be the “Crazy Cookie” she receives as her award from the bakery!

She seems to have become a little bit of a “star” on facebook as people now ask me if Jayda is with me and can they come out and see her.   I just hope the fame doesn’t go to her head as she already has a little “attitude”.  

Chatting with Builders

Over the past few weeks, I have been “cold calling” local Toowoomba builders in a bid to increase my client base.  I try to call at least 10 builders per week and have a chat with them regarding hand over gifts and how The Graziers Daughter can assist them by providing a unique welcome gift to their clients. 

Even though it is difficult to make that initial call I must say it has been a successful campaign and I have managed to engage several builders.   Some aren’t so happy to chat but that’s ok I don’t take it personally😊


Due to the wet, wintery weather we have been experiencing my one and only regular market I attend was cancelled in May due to being too wet and the June one which was last week wasn’t well attended due to the cold.  

As I said I only regularly attend one market and that is the market at Colours Of San Cris at Cabarlah  –   as it is small boutique with local artisans, set in the beautiful grounds of the coffee shop San Cris and it’s close to home!  

If those of you who live locally, if you are looking for something to do on the second Friday of each month please pop out and say hello as it is a great way to spend a morning.

The next big event on the calendar will be Father’s Day.  I know it is only June however September will come around very soon, so keep an eye out over the next couple of months for Father’s Day hampers as they make a great gift for those hard to buy for dads.    I received a Christmas catalogue from one of my suppliers the other day!  Now that’s a scary thought.

That’s about it for now, I hope you manage to stay warm and healthy.